International Literacy Day 2016 : “Reading the Past, Writing the Future” #LiteracyInNigeria


Every 8th of September is marked as International Literacy Day.

This year 2016; United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) celebrates under the theme “Reading the Past, Writing the Future”.

International Literacy Day 2016 celebrates and honours the past five decades of national and international engagement, efforts and progress made to increase literacy rates around the world.
It also addresses current challenges and looks to innovative solutions to further boost literacy in the future.

UNESCO’s National Programme Advisor on Education, Dr Mohammed Alkali recently revealed the results of a UNESCO survey that showed that despite improvements to the country’s education system, 65 million Nigerians remain illiterate.

There is need to further improve the funding of both formal & non-formal education.

This is why we’re looking at ‘Reading Nigeria’s Past and Writing the Future‘ with Ayo Sogunro.

Ayo Sogunro is a writer (an “African writer”), social critic, a human rights advocate and a Nigerian lawyer..
He is the author of the widely-acclaimed and popular short-stories; “The Wonderful Life of Senator Boniface and other Sorry Tales“.
He supports and pioneers lots of literary initiatives in Nigeria, judging kids’ writing competitions, contributing to local media discourse, writing for magazines/blogs and discussing human rights principles with NGOs.

6pm GMT+1 (Nigerian Time), Join us on Twitter as we discuss #LiteracyInNigeria


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