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Globally, next to terrorism, Cyber crime or Cyber Security challenges pose the next major threat to humanity.

Its important Nigeria, like every other country, rises up to this challenge and create innovative solutions to cybercrime.

With the increasing sophistication of criminal and terrorist acts, new and innovative surveillance/monitoring systems becomes very imperative.

This was why we had a passionate Information Security and Cyber threat analyst; Andrew Agbo-Madaki to discusswhere Nigeria is with Cyber Security and what is the way forward for Cyber Security in Nigeria.

Running for over one hour, the chat had a total potential impressions (total number of times the hashtag of the chat was seen) of Nine Hundred Thousand plus and potential reach (estimated number of people that the chat reached) of Two Hundred Thousand plus.

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Q1: According to Europol’s Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA) 2016 report, Nigeria is the 3rd cybercrime hotspot in the world. Why is this so?

Answer: In this day and age, it is easy to pretend to be anywhere in the world and claim to be somewhere else. Yes, we have been known for email scams but most of these now come from Europe & China claiming Nigeria. I personally believe we are suffering for a reputation we got about 10-15yrs ago. Cyber crime is worse in other places. But then, Nigeria ranks high as a Cybercrime hotspot due to reasons such as Unemployment & poor cybercrime laws.

@Discuss_NGR #europol report is accurate, a lot of sophisticated phishing scams coming out of #Nigeria#CyberSecurityInNigeria

— Matthew Okafor (@mattoh1) October 14, 2016

@Discuss_NGR with vpn you change your location….cyber criminals may not even stay in Nigeria

— Don fabiano (@Donfabiano4) October 14, 2016

Q2: Minister Of Communications and Technology; Hon. Minister Adebayo Shittu stated at Insight Cybersecurity conference that the National Cybersecurity Policy is been looked at. Why does it seem like Nigeria’s cybersecurity legislations are not been implemented/fully enforced?

Answer: Sadly our cybercrime laws are not as effective because we’ve gone to copy & paste laws from the US & UK. The government always talks about stakeholders, whereas People who studied computing 20years ago will give you archaic guidance/advice. Also, we are still very manual in Nigeria. Most of our documentation is still in paper files whereas Key cyber crime targets are Financial institutions, Telcos & social media and possibly “celebrities”. Paperworks alone don’t work!

“..The government always talks about stakeholders (in the cyber domain) whereas People who studied computing 20years ago will give you archaic guidance/advice” ~ @AndyMadaki

“I think the government is not doing enough to enforce these regulations. Cyber security awareness is pertinent. More consultations should be made and more cyber security experts should be involved in this legislation.. Digital evidence should also be admissible in court. Through this, the cyber security legislation will hold sway.” ~ @ayeiibor

@pinigeria & @gbengasesan have been doing a lot of advocacy for Internet, CyberSecurity & data privacy legislation #CybercrimeInNigeria

— That Andy (@AndyMadaki) October 14, 2016

“Cybercrime Act of 2015 not working because of “key stakeholders” – The Judiciary and Police lack undertanding!” ~ @mattoh1

Q3: How well are we seeing collaboration among all stakeholders in the cyber domain? What more needs to be done? 

Answer: I am yet to see collaboration with Cyber security in Nigeria. I see a struggle to own the space. We should collaborate more.. Most people will rather go to PWC, KPMG, Delloite & Accenture as opposed to independent professionals.

What we can do is to bring in the Black hat hackers (or crackers), train them to be ethical & use them for good. Equal opportunity in Cyber Security must be encouraged. This prevents professionals from going rogue.

@sannihussein @Discuss_NGR A handful are White Hat who have turned black hat because of limited opportunities. Sector seems hijacked.

— That Andy (@AndyMadaki) October 14, 2016

Q4: Europol says #ransomware remains one of the top malware threats in the world. How prevalent is this in Nigeria? 

Answer: I agree with Europol on the Ransomware malware. The last 2 years, we’ve seen an increase in this through mails. We are easy prey for ransomware in Nigeria because we love money, so greed & curiosity makes a Hacker’s job earn. There is a saying: You can’t con an honest man. Why reply a mail offering millions that you didn’t earn?

However phishing & cybersquatting are more prevalent than ransomware here.

(RANSOMEWARE is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid as ransom).

Q5: With the increasing number of Phishing (fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers) in the nation which gullible Nigerians fall for, makes one wonder – Are our institutions especially the Financial Institutions well equipped against this? 

Answer: Our financial institutions are quite firm and prepared cyber security wise. But government institutions are not. Sadly, most institutions don’t care because their data is still in files and cabinets.

@Discuss_NGR #CyberSecurityInNigeriaNigerian Banks & Orgs. must share & report threats to Nigeria’s CERT – Computer Emergency Response Team

— Matthew Okafor (@mattoh1) October 14, 2016

@Discuss_NGR #CyberSecurityInNigeriathe CERT will engage IT security mngrs. & SOC mngrs. to allow better incident response time.

— Matthew Okafor (@mattoh1) October 14, 2016

Q6: Some will argue that the recent arrest of a certain cybercrime kingpin ‘Mike’ by interpol and EFCC shows we’re progressing with Cybersecurity in Nigeria. What do you say to this? 

Answer: Cybercrime kingpin Mike has been involved in fraud worth $60m. Catching him by EFCC is progress. It is however important that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) prosecutes & convicts Mike for us to call it progress.

This is key!!! Arrests without prosecution or conviction leads to a place worse than the beginning.

— Folowosele Tolulope (@tolurex) October 14, 2016

Q7: Finally, what recommendations do you have in respect to Cyber Security in Nigeria?

Answer: 1. Let’s Review & Amend our Cybercrime ACT.
2. Develop more local solutions.
3. Stakeholders should include hands on folks.

Thank you for having me.

Didn’t know much about #CyberSecurityInNigeria buh @Discuss_NGR and @AndyMadaki be doing justice to questions asked.

— Folowosele Tolulope (@tolurex) October 14, 2016

Add it into the curriculum from secondary schools upwards as people get exposed to the internet from that age

— a t s e n (@atsen_) October 14, 2016

The third parties we share our personal information online with may have our personal data stolen as well.#cysecNG#CyberSecurityInNigeria

— CyberSecChallenge 🆖 (@CYSECNG) October 15, 2016

We must protect our cyber systems against malicious misuse and other destructive attacks. #cysecNG#CyberSecurity#CyberSecurityInNigeria

— CyberSecChallenge 🆖 (@CYSECNG) October 15, 2016

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