The Need for Data & Statistics in Effective Governance #DataInGovernance


Undoubtedly, effective governance depends on the ability of those in government to make good decisions on a wide spectrum of social, economic and other relevant issues.

An effective good governance takes into account: managerial & technical competence, accountability, quality of organisations, open information systems, citizens participation and rule of law.

For all these to be harmonized properly, data has to be gathered and processed/interpreted. As an act of collecting and interpreting data, statistics helps in governance​. It helps​ in planning, designing & implementation of policy frameworks, promoting democracy through transparency and accountability.

It is data and statistics in Governance that helps describe the reality of citizens’ everyday lives – providing the bases required for development.

In Nigeria, the descriptive statistics applied has proven to be extremely important. What needs to be asked is – how have we fared with our use of data? With mixed outcomes of statistics’ use in governance, what’s the future for Nigeria? Can we bank on the current state of data usage & deployment, for national development?

Join us on Friday 21st of July, by 6pm on Twitter, as we discuss ‘The Need for Data & Statistics in Effective Governance’. Our guest is Wale Micaiah, a renowned statistician, versatile in big data; data security, governance and privacy.

It will be an eye-opening, insightful chat, as we’d be analysing ways in making data work for us in Nigeria. Be sure to join us on Friday July 21st by 6pm on Twitter. Tell/Share this to others!


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