Morunmubor Samiat: Domestic Violence is a Crime


Yesterday I saw Aunty Remi. Aunty Remi, you see is a fair lady with an​ average upper body but above average lower body part, you get the picture ba?

But those features is not why everybody likes her, we all adore her because she is humble, easy going, funny and super nice.

When I saw her yesterday she had marks all over her hand, she had a swollen black eye, she was walking like somebody that has just been hit by a trailer. When I wanted to hug her to say hello, she pushed me back because everything hurts. I looked in her eyes and I felt for her so bad, I asked her what happened even though I was a 101% sure it was her husband Uncle Dele that has done this to her and like always, she replied saying it was nothing and giving me a bullshit story about how she had an indoor accident.

Iya kaosara and Baba Kaosara are both nice people, they are good neighbours until there is a dispute among them then it is a rain of curse and a lot of beating by Baba Kaosora. From my window I could hear heavy punches landing on Iya Kaosara. He would hit her and hit her till he is satisfied, no matter how long the neighbours knock to come to her aid, she will not dare open the door. There was this time he threaten to pour petrol on her and he swore he was going to burn her alive, it took the grace of God and the intervention of well built men to get the petrol out of his hand.

The thing about some of these women that amaze me the most is that they stand up the next day, clean up, they put on a brave face and act like it never happened and when the husband comes to apologise, they say it is ok and take him back. But when they make a little mistake some other time, the whole cycle begins again.

Is that love? Is that the ‘in sickness and in health’ you signed up for? Is it not pure oppression? Is it lack of strength to walk away or lack of will to do so?
There has been an increasing number of domestic violence in Nigeria in recent time, and with every case I read of or witness myself, it got me asking this question – WHY DO MEN HIT? WHY?

I know some women are uncultured, annoying, and disrespectful or maybe she cheated on you, or did the unthinkable, but what happens to the option of walking away? Is it going to hurt your ego? Make you look weak? Well splash news brother, you are already weak because only a weak and sick man will hit a woman.


Domestic Violence is a crime, don’t be blinded.. You can report domestic violence crime by calling 112 or 08137960048.

Morunmubor Samiat is the Director of Communications for Discuss Nigeria, and the Cordinator for Better Nigeria Youth Forum (BNYF).


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